Abolishing Sinterklaas?!

It’s almost time for Sinterklaas to come to the Netherlands and all children are so excited. Sinterklaas has been in our culture for a long time and is a popular tradition. But now the governemt wants to abolish the Sinterklaas tradition.

The government wants to abolish the Sinterklaas tradition because they think it’s racist. They say it is discriminating the black people. However, The famous helpers of Sinterklaas, “Zwarte Piet” is no discrimination at all. Zwarte Piet is black because of climbing down the chimneys which are full of grime. Sinterklaas has never been racist against any Zwarte Piet and has never shown any discriminating gestures. However, some black people think it is racist. Why? I don’t know.

Little children all over the Netherlands are so excited for Sinterklaas to come and to get presents. Also, it is an encouragement to be nice. What would you have to tell the children? Suppose there would be no more Sinterklaas, and the parents of the children have to tell them Sinterklaas died. It would be heartbreaking.

I do feel sorry for the people who feel discriminated by the Zwarte Pieten.                   But I don’t think they should abolish the whole tradition of Sinterklaas because of this. I’m sure we can solve this in another way than how the government wants to do it.     For example, you can paint the Zwarte Pieten purple or blue.                                          It wouldn’t be very logical because of the black dirt in the chimneys but you can create a story with it. Maybe those people wouldn’t feel discriminated anymore.

Anyway, I don’t think they should abolish Sinterklaas and his Zwarte Pieten.     Pownews also tried to get some information about this.                                              Here is a little video about what they think.


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